Q: Why I should select steel door frames and shutters over wooden one ?

A: Good quality wood is not available in our country. Apart from that, cutting of wood is now banned as it leads to deforestation and ultimately we lose our ecological balance. Steel is the safest and easily available material in our country. Steel door frames/shutters can be fabricated in any size and finish. Even, we can offer you steel door frames / shutters in wood finish also.

Q. Is it easy to fix steel door frames / Shutters ?

A.  Yes. Any technician can install steel door frames / shutters.

Q: Can I fix any kind of handles and locking system on steel door frames and shutters?

A: Yes. Any kind of lock and handles can be fixed on steel door frames and shutters.

Q: Is it maintenance free?

A: Yes. Steel door frames/shutters are totally maintenance free. They can withstand in any weather condition.

Q: Can we change the original finish of frames ?

A: Yes. You can repaint the frames when needed.

Q: Can you give wood finish to door frames/shutters?

A: Yes. We can give wood finish to door frames/shutters.

Q: What is the speciality of Shirke Polynorm Products?

A: Being machine made (on CNC Machines) quality of products is far superior compaired to any other product.

Q: Can we use your products in green building?

A: Yes. We are member of IGBC. Our products are suitable for green building. We are actively associated with BAI & CREDAI.