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The Crusader




Late Padmahri Shri B G Shirke launched the company in 1944 after completing his Graduation in Civil Engineering from College of Engineering Pune. He was a visionary - simple, frank, self-educated and self-made person - totally uncompromising about his mission to provide houses to poor people in big cities. He pioneered the scheme of slum rehabilitation in big cities of the country. Based on his schemes all states in the country are following almost the same basic concept for slum rehabilitation.

Now company is executing slum rehabilitation projects for various state governments at places like Mumbai,Hadrabad,Delhi,etc, even at Srilanka also.

Today, it is Rs.1500 crore company with wide spread activities not only in India but across the globe. Apart from the basic construction activity, the company is having various other manufacturing units, required for construction industry. These units include manufacturing of siporex blocks,steel doors,windows and construction equipments. In addition to these activities, we have pioneered large scale steel storage silos (replacement to conventional cement silos). We are also into electrical transmission towers business.